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Historic Marker: BAPTIST CHURCH
On NYS 30 At Braman Corners Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Baptist Church Society Organized 1800 Uniting Duanesburg & Florida Baptists - 1st Ministers-Elders Reuben Mudge, Elnathan Finch Present Edifice Built 1868 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: CHRIST
Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Christ Episcopal Church On Us 20 About 1 Mile West Of Duanesburg By Bishop Samuel Provoost A Glebe Of 80 Acres Presented By James Duane For Rectory ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: COUNTY LINE
On Co. Rd. N. Of Eaton Crnrs. Schenectady-Montgomery Co. Line Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
County Line Meeting House Erected Here About 1800 It Was Used By All Denominations Worshiping In The Vicinity. ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: DUANE MANSION
Route 7 Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Duane Mansion Erected In 1812, By Catherine Livingston Duane, Youngest Daughter Of Hon. James Duane. Grounds Planned By Jacques Ramee, Noted French Artist ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: FRIENDS
On NYS 7 At Quaker Street Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Friends Meeting House Erected 1807 Near Site Of Original Log Structure 1st Preacher - Ezekiel Tripp Society Organized About 1790 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: FROST HOMESTEAD
On NYS 159 At Mariaville Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Frost Homestead This House Was Built By James Frost In 1834, Using Reclaimed Portions From The Featherstonhaugh Mansion Built In 1808 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: JAMES DUANE
Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
James Duane Born 1732 Buried Here 1797 In On Us 20 About 1 Mile West Of Duanesburgcontinental Congress Provincial Convention Mayor Of New York, State Senatro, Federal Judge ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: NEAR SITE OF OLD
On Co. Rd. About 2 Miles Southwest Of Mariaville Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Near Site Of Old Sherburne Tannery Est. By John Sherburne About 1790. After Clearing Land The Business Brought Him Over $100,000 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: NORTHWEST
On NYS 72 About 3 Mis. N. Of Mccolloms Duane NY
(Historic Marker)
Northwest Bay Road Begun Prior To 1810. From Westport Via. Elizabethtown, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Santa Clara, Hopkinton ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: OLD MILL SITE
On Cline Farm Near Eaton Crnrs. Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Old Mill Site Here After Revolution Were Built A Sawmill And Gristmill. Abandoned Later Because Freshets Tore Dams Away ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: OLD SHOP SITE
On Cline Farm Near Eaton Crnrs. Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Old Shop Site Where Benjamin Cummings Founder Of Cummings Hollow Forged First Circular Saw In America In 1814 For His Schenectady Mill ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: PIONEER BAPTIST
On Couynty Rd. About 2 Miles Southwest Of Mariaville Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Pioneer Baptist Of Schenectady County Rev. Elijah Herrick, 1st To Preach In Duanesburg After Service In Revolution. At Charleston Served 50 Years ...Time Period ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: SITE OF
At Eaton Corners Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Site Of Post Office & Store Established About 1820 By Lemuel Easton And Run For Years. He Brought The Mail Each Saturday On Horseback ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

On US 20 About 1 Mile West Of Duanesburg Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Society Of The Reformed Presbyterian Church Org. 1795 By Rev. Mckinney, 1st Ministers: Rev. Mcmaster, Wylie, & Ramsay. Present Edifice Built 1836 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: WILLIAM NORTH
Duanesburg NY
(Historic Marker)
William North Born 1755 Buried Here 1836 Aide To Steuben In 1779 General In U.S. Army Son In Law Of James Duane Assemblyman And Speaker ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

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