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Susquehanna River Watershed Region of New York State

Susquehanna River Watershed Region of New York State

The Susquehanna River Basin is the second largest river basin east of the Mississippi River. This Watershed starts in the Cooperstown Area of New York State and flows south to Chesapeake Bay. The region in New York State is located to the south of Cooperstown and the south-eastern part of the Fingerlakes.

In New York State, it includes 4,520 square miles of land area, excluding the Chemung River Watershed. With 8,185 miles of freshwater rivers and streams as major tributary watersheds to the 148 miles of the Susquehanna River in New York State.

Enjoy the scenic riverscape from the shore or on the water!
Find hundreds of boat launch sites

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Wine in New York State
The history of wine is fascinating, just as wine quotes can be both humorous and telling. Travelers in NY State have many opportunities to learn more and experience the rapidly growing New York wine industry. With 20 plus NY State wine regions, one is able to visit multiple scenic vineyards and taste many wine varietals. The natural beauty of vineyards can be seen throughout the year, as the wines mature. ...>>

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