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Sara Catherine Aloysia Tracy (1827-1904) of Lansingburgh NY

Sara Catherine Aloysia Tracy (1827-1904) of Lansingburgh NYPhilanthropy/Charity comes in many forms and effects all of us, both the giver and receiver. Sara Tracy of Lansingburgh NY, sister of Edward Tracy (owner of malt houses and brewery), is well known for the charity. Her home helps connect us to the past and events surrounding her life and decisions she made. One can experience the surroundings of this family with a stay at this beautiful home located in historic Lansingburgh, NY. 10 miles from Albany, 30 miles from Saratoga Springs, Massachusetts and Vermont. Elegantly restored by Charles, one is sure to find it a relaxing stay!
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National Historic Landmarks in New York State
New York State has more National Historic Landmarks than any other state, having 256 landmarks.

Any building, site, structure, or object that is officially recognized by the United States Secretary of the Interior, as being: sites or places where; significant historical events took place, prominent people lived or worked, ideals or icons shaped the nation, special design or construction is shown, a way of life is shown or decribed, and or archeological sites which are able to give information. The National Historic Landmark program is run by the National Park Service.

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