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Taking A Great Photo

During your travels, you may find yourself taking photos. Regardless of your camera and skill level, taking a great photo often seems to come down to a couple key factors. If you can consider each of them, you will greatly improve the chances of getting that GREAT PHOTO!
1) Light! look at the angle and intensity of the light, is it good for the effect you are looking for? Do you need more or do you need to place your camera on a tripod or stable object to give your camera more time to gather the light?
2) Framing of the Photo! The human eye is amazing, we see a very wide view and yet can focus our mind on one area. It is important to look closely at what is in the camera's view, does it include too much, not enough and is the interest point in a great location of the frame? Do the other objects in the frame compliment the main interest point?
3) Focus! Auto focus is great and is often the way to go, however, is it focusing on the your key point of interest? Taking the same photo with different manual focus settings may yield that surprisingly great photo.
4) Color and more! The advantage of a digital photo, is the ability to manipulate it in a photo editor, increasing color saturation and other variables can be rewarding and fun! ...more>>

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