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Bed and Breakfasts Brief History

In the colonial period of America, it was common for a traveler to depend on a family's kindness to give up a bed for the night for him to get some much needed rest. Then, with the coming of the railroads, hotels were springing up and the traveler no longer needed to rely on the private family for a bed. But, then came the Great Depression, and tourist and guest homes were a more viable option for the traveler who needed to save money. More and more Americans started traveling to Europe after World War II. In Europe, many of the Americans stayed at Bed and Breakfasts. Talk of the European B&B's reached America and soon B&B's were opening in the United States.

On October 15, 1966, the National Historic Preservation Act was signed into a bill by Lyndon B. Johnson. Its goal was to preserve historical and archaelogical sites in the United States. The National Register of Historic Places, the list of National Historic Landmarks, and the State Historic Preservation Offices all worked together on this Act.

Being listed on the National Register qualifies approved properties for grants, loans, and tax incentives. This act inspired Americans to update their current tourist and guest houses into B&B's, and others to think about restoration and opening a B&B. Starting in the 1980's, new B&B's were being opened and the already existing B&B's were being renovated to include private baths for their guests.

In addition, some future innkeepers opt to build their own B&Bs, some in a contemporary style, and some mirroring the styles of the past - increasing the choices for travelers.

Here in New York State, there are many quaint and charming B&B's to choose from. Our B&B's offer the friendly personalized touch of the "home away from home" feeling in beautiful unique homes. The innkeepers/home owners have the personal local knowledge of their areas to help with the enjoyment of one's relaxing stay. So, for those travelers who want a unique stay, a bed and breakfast is the unparalleled choice.

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