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Slate in New York State

In the mid-1800's, Welsh immigrants brought their slate working experience to the northeastern US, starting what was to become a major industry in the New York / Vermont area. This 100% natural product is found in many colors including Semi-Weathering Grey/Green, Variegated Purple, Royal Purple, Mottled Green & Purple, Unfading Grey/Green, Black and Unfading Red. It is said that the only known deposit of true red slate in the world is located in Middle Granville NY. Slate is used for roofing, black boards, pool tables, walk ways, window sills, stone markers, fire places, flooring, decorative kitchen backs, countertops and much more.

Learn more about this long lasting material and the history behind the workers, families and communities by visiting the Slate Valley Museum in Granville, NY. ...more>>

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