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Small Farms In New York State

Small Farms, often referred to as Hobby Farms, appeal to many hard working individuals! The range of products and variation in focus is extensive, including cattle, sheep, goats, hops, vineyards, horses, farm fresh produce, and much more. With a very rich history of farming, it is no surprise that New York State is home to tens-of-thousands small farms. Cornell Small Farms Program, a part of Cornell Cooperative Extension based at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, offers many resources, including the popular Guide to Farming in NY & Guide to URBAN FARMING in NYS ( Groups & associations, like the New York State Horse Council, help connect farms of similar interest. With nine million plus acres of agricultural land in New York Sate, one is sure to find great scenic farm views, a variety of livestock, wide range agriculture equipment and supporting businesses like Middendorf Tractor. All together, making up a strong & supporting part of the NYS economy. ...more>>

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