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Angel of the Waters Statue at Bethesda Fountain Emma Stebbins
72nd Street Central Park New York NY
Webpage shows picture of the sculpture. …1873 Statue ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7743037,-73.97083

Eleanor Roosevelt Statue Eleanor Roosevelt
Riverside Drive and 72nd Street New York NY 10023
Penelope Jencks has chosen a natural, everyday position for her figure, making Roosevelt accessible as a person instead of as a prominent international figure.On the sidewalk in front of the sculpture is a stone engraved with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity" …1996 Statue ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7803362,-73.9878932

Elsie de Wolfe and Elisabeth Marbury House Elsie & Elisabeth De Wolfe, Marbury
122 East Seventeenth Street New York NY 10003
History of house and link to Elsie de Wolfe. …New York House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7358545,-73.9898606

Frances Hodgson Burnett Fountain Frances Hodgson Burnett
Conservatory Garden, Central Park, 5th avenue at 106th street New York NY 10029
Site has background information on the fountain. …1936 Monument ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7943054,-73.953287

Gertrude Stein Statue Gertrude Stein
between 5 and 6 Av, W 40 St and W 42 St New York NY 10018
Trailblazing American author and arts patron Gertrude Stein made significant literary contributions—from plays, librettos, and film scripts to biographies, autobiographies, lectures, essays, poems, and novels. Virgil Thomson wrote music to accompany her work for a posthumously published opera, The Mother of Us All, based on the life of feminist Susan B. Anthony …1992 Statue ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7534569,-73.9830379

Greenacre Park Abby Rockefeller Mauze
East 51st Street Btwn 2nd and 3rd avenues New York NY 10022
Site describes park and its link to Abby Rockefeller Mauze …1971 Park ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7561486,-73.9692963

Joan of Arc Statue Joan/Jehanne DArc
Riverside Drive and 93rd Street. New York NY
The sculpture, by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington, represents Joan of Arc on horseback, ready for battle. She is fully clad in armor, and standing tall in the stirrups. With one hand she holds the reins of the horse, while with the other she raises a sword high in the air. …1915 Statue ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7940556,-73.9763368

John Street United Methodist Church Barbara Ruckle Heck
44 John St. New York NY 10038
Barbara Heck was involved fortuitously in the inception of Methodism in the United States and Canada, A German Palatine …1768 Church ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7091344,-74.0102906

Ladies Mile Historic District
Broadway from 8th to 23rd street New York NY 10010
official site of Ladies mile-tells its history …1862 District ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7413616,-73.9913212

Margaret Corbin Monument Margaret Cobin
Fort Tyron Park, West 192 Street and Broadway New York NY 10040
Park website. Has information on her. …1776 Monument ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.862013,-73.9344968

Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples Margaret Mead
American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at West 79th Street New York NY 10024
Part of official website of the American Museum of Natural History. …1926 Museum ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7813281,-73.9761769

Martha Graham School Of Contemporary Dance Martha Graham
316 East 63rd Street New York NY 10065
official website of dance school and center …1926 School ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7626041,-73.9640965

Barbizon Hotel for Women
140 East 63rd Street New York NY 10065
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
The Barbizon Hotel for Women was built in 1927-28 as a residential hotel and clubhouse for single women, who at that time were moving to New York City in record numbers to take advantage of new professional opportunities opening to them. Its residents included many women who later became prominent actresses, writers, designers, and professional women, including author Sylvia Plath, who wrote about her residence at the Barbizon in The Bell Jar. 1928 Hotel ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7645991,-73.9661703

Barnard College Annie Nathan Meyer
3009 Broadway New York NY 10027
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Founded in 1889, Barnard was the only college in New York City, and one of the few in the nation, where women could receive the same rigorous and challenging education available to men.The school's founding is largely due to the efforts of Annie Nathan Meyer, staunchly committed to the education of women. She joined forces with a small group of her peers to petition Columbia University Trustees for an affiliated self-sustaining liberal arts women�s college, and in two years accomplished what she had set out to do. �1889 College ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.8090928,-73.9639326

Beth Israel Medical Center Elizabeth Blackwell
Stuyvesant Square East and Fifteenth Street New York NY 10003
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Official site of hospital �New York College ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7329233,-73.9833409

Fort Tryon Park Margaret Cochran Corbin
Riverside Dr To Broadway, W 192 St To Dyckman St New York NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
On November 16,1776, while they were stationed in Fort Washington, New York, the fort was attacked by British and Hessian troops. John was assisting a gunner until the gunner was killed. At this point John took charge of the cannon and Margaret assisted him. Sometime later, John was killed also. With no time to grieve, Margaret continued loading and firing the cannon by herself until she was wounded by grapeshot which tore her shoulder, mangled her chest and lacerated her jaw. Other soldiers moved her to the rear where she received first aid. �1776 Park ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.8625608,-73.9312995

Hale House Clara M. Hale
145 West 122nd Street New York NY 10027
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Also known as Mother Hale, was an American humanitarian who founded the Hale House Center, a home for unwanted children and children who were born addicted to drugs. �1940s Public Health ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.806793,-73.9507317

Metropolitan Museum of Art Louisine Elder Havemeyer
Metropolitan Museum of Art.Fifth Avenue and 81st street New York NY 10028
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Page shows one of the paintings she bequethed to the museum. �1929 Museum ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7782731,-73.964951

Morris-Jumel Mansion Madame Eliza Jumel
65 Jummel Terrace New York NY 10032
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Official site-detailed history and activities offered there. �1810-1865 House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.8344942,-73.9407652

New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
8 West 8 Street New York NY 10011
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Official site. Mentions Ms Whitney. �1900 School ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7324546,-73.9972272

New York Town Hall Eleanor, Abbe, Catherine, Adele M. Sanders, Butler, Fielde, Jacobi, etc.
123 West 43rd Street New York NY 10036
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Describes the facility-also mentions its link with women suffragists. �1921 Public Hall ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7561154,-73.9866391

Night Presence IV Louise Nevelson
Park Avenue Malls at 92nd Street New York NY 10128
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
NYC department of Parks and Recreation website-tells her life story. �1973 Park ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7840307,-73.9566927

Ottendorfer Public Library and Stuyvesant Polyclinic Hospital Anna Ottendorfer
135 and 137 2nd Ave. New York NY 10003
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
The Stuyvesant Polyclinic Hospital and the Ottendorfer Branch Library represent the philanthropy of Anna Ottendorfer, a 19th-century German immigrant and German language newspaper publisher dedicated to providing charitable support to New York's German immigrants. �1883 Hospital ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7289881,-73.9877585

Sara Delano Roosevelt Memorial House Sara Delano Roosevelt
47-49 East 65th, Bet. Madison And Park Aves New York NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
The house was used by Sara Ann Delano Roosevelt from its completion in 1908 to her death in 1941, and intermittently by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt from construction to their sale of the house to Hunter College in 1943. After his mother's death in 1941, President Roosevelt and his wife placed the house up for sale and a non-profit consortium was organized to purchase the house on behalf of Hunter College �1908 House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7671747,-73.9675911

Statue of liberty Bartholdi mother & Emma Lazarus the poet
Liberty Island New York NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Part of National Park Service page.Gives historical details and how to visit. �1866 Statue ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.6892494,-74.0445004

Triangle Shirtwaist Bldg./Asch Bldg.
23-29 Washington Place New York NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Site of both the first large scale strike of women workers in the country and of one of the worst industrial disasters in American history.Overcrowding, poor ventilation and dangerous machinery caused the local union to declare a strike against Triangle, and national labor and feminist figures such as Samuel Gompers and Lillian Wald spoke in support at local rallies. �1911 Building ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7300765,-73.9953554

Whitney Museum of American Art Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Madison Avenue and East 75th street New York NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Official site with full history of Mrs Whitne �1931 Museum ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 40.7395877,-74.0088629

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