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Alabama NY Attractions

Historic Marker: FORK OF GREAT
On Meadville R. At Tonawanda Creek Alabama NY
(Historic Marker)
Fork Of Great Central Trail Dating From 16th Century Sw Branch To Buffalo Nw Branch To Lewiston Dedicated Sept. 7, 1931 ...Time Period 1550-1599 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: HOMESTEAD OF
On Ledge Rd. About 2 Miles Southwest Of Basom Alabama NY
(Historic Marker)
Homestead Of Ely Parker Secretary To General Grant Born In 1828, Died In 1895 Sachem Of The Wolf Clain Seneca Title Do-Ne-Ho-Ga-Wa ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Swallow Hollow Nature Trail
Knowlesville Road Alabama NY
(Historic Tours, Sites and Markers) ...Search ...Map

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