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Constantia NY Attractions

Historic Marker: FIRST SETLER
On NYS 49 At Cleveland Constantia NY
(Historic Marker)
First Setler Near This Spot Christopher Martin Made First Settlement In Cleveland 1821 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: FIRST SETTLER
On NYS 49 At Bernhard's Bay Constantia NY
(Historic Marker)
First Settler Near This Spot John Bernhard Made First Settlement In Bernhard's Bay 1795 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: FRENCHMAN'S
On NYS 49 About 1/2 Mile East Of Constantia Constantia NY
(Historic Marker)
Frenchman's Island Camp Site Of Van Schaick's Expedition On Return From Attack On Onadaga Aprill 22, 1779 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: KEMPWYK
On NYS 49 About 1 Mile West Of Cleveland Constantia NY
(Historic Marker)
Kempwyk Home Of Francis Adrian Van Der Kamp 1793 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: TRINITY
On NYS 49 At Constantia Constantia NY
(Historic Marker)
Trinity Episcopal Church Erected 1831, 24 Acres And Building Donated By Frederick W. Scriba. ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

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