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Forestburg NY Attractions

Forestburgh Playhouse & Tavern
39 Forestburgh Road Forestburgh NY 12777
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Forestburgh Playhouse
39 Forestburgh Road Forestburgh NY 12777
Air-conditioned summer theatre ...Site ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: BRANT'S CAMP
On W. Side NYS 42 2mis. So. Forestburg Corners Forestburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Brant's Camp Mohawk Chief With Plunder And Captives Taken In Raid On Minisink (PORT Jervis) Camped Here Over Night July 20, 1779 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: INDIAN RAID
On W. Side Co. Rd. 49 About 1 Mi. So. Oakland Forestburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Indian Raid Two Children Of John Brooks And Son-In-Law, Joseph Hubbard, Were Killed Here By Brant's Mohawks And Tories, 1778 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: SAWMILL
On No. Side Co. Rd. 49 Near W. End Bridge Over Minisink R. Forestburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Sawmill Built 1873 By Westfall & Cuddeback. Sawed Lumber To Rebuild Houses Burned By Brant In Minisink (PORT Jervis) 1778-79 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

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