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Rhoda Degarmo House Rhoda B. DeGarmo
Lot 46, on Main rd. to Genesee Rapids village & near School house #1 Gates NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
One of America�s earliest women�s rights activists. Her overt work on behalf of women�s suffrage and women�s rights began in 1848, when she was chosen as one of the members of the Arrangements Committee for the Adjourned Convention held in Rochester, New York on August 2, 1848, about two weeks after the Women�s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls. With the rest of the Committee, DeGarmo met in Protection Hall in Rochester on August 1, 1848 to formulate an agenda and select a slate of officers for the Convention. Became one of the clerks of the new Yearly Meeting of Congregation Friends, 1848. �1848-1872 House/site? ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 43.1701017,-77.7051443

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