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Macedon NY Attractions

Grandview Farm Market
1040 Canandaigua Road Macedon NY 14502
(Agriculture, Food and Farms) ...Site ...Search ...Map

JD Wine Cellars
1342 Eddy Road Macedon NY 14502
(Agriculture, Food and Farms) ...Site ...Search ...Map

Long Acre Farms
1342 Eddy Road Macedon NY 14502
(Agriculture, Food and Farms) ...Site ...Search ...Map

Macedon Historical Society/Macedon Academy
1185 Macedon Center Road Macedon NY 14502
(Museums & Related Organizations) ...Site ...Search ...Map

Long Acre Farms
1342 Eddy Road Macedon NY 14502
Plan an amazing event in our restored Big Red Barn or arrange for your group to experience the maze with teambuilding or map reading. Annual Sweet Corn Fest. Pumpkin harvest. Seasonal. ...Site ...Search ...Map

Macedon Phoebe B. Dean
The Bowdish farm is located near the crossroads of the Friends Meeting House on the line of Lot # 80 and 69. Waterloo Macedon NY
Women's Loyal League, wrote letter referenceing ECS call to loyal women. Phebe B. Dean, Waterloo, NY, participated in the Friends of Human Progress annual meetings for the following years: 1853-55,57-59,61-67,69,71. In 1860, Waterloo, she lived near Henry and Mary Bonnell with the Eleanore Bowdish family. …1863 House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 43.0692299,-77.0928809

Maria E. Wilbur and Esek Wilbur, Mill, site of Maria E. Wilbur
Route 31 Macedon NY
Site of home of signer of Declaration of Sentiments. …1848 House ...Search ...Map
GPS: 43.0644608,-77.3265386

Doty Home Elias & Susan Doty
Macedon NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Signer of the Declaration of Sentiments. Obit. provides mention of assistance to slave fugitives by Susan during her life there. �1850 House ...Search ...Map
GPS: 43.0682815,-77.3035809

Macedon Academy
Route 31F Macedon NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Maria E. Wilbur's daughter, Gulielma (Wilbur) Sutherland, was a student ( 1845-48) along with Rachel Dell Bonnell & sister Elizabeth ( 1846-47); Harriet, Milton & David Doty, children of Elias & Susan Doty (1847-1848); 3 children of Academy promoter, William Gould Barker. All of these people were either signers or family members of signers of the Declaration of Sentiments. �1841-1891 School ...Search ...Map
GPS: 43.094518,-77.321115

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