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Mendon NY Attractions

Historic Marker: CAMP SITE
On Canfield Rd. At Mendons Ponds Park Mendon NY
(Historic Marker)
Camp Site Of Primitive Algonkins Who Fished Here Ages Ago Driven Out By The Iroquois Who Occupied This Region ...Time Period Prehistoric ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: TOTIAKTON
On E. Side Plain Rd., S. Of Rochester Junction Mendon NY
(Historic Marker)
Totiakton Seneca Town Of 120 Cabins Was Located Here Burned By Denonville, 1687 Jesuit Mission, 1668-1683 ...Time Period 1650-1699 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: WAR SITE
In Mendon Ponds Park Mendon NY
(Historic Marker)
War Site Denonville's Army Of 3000 French And Indian Allies Camped Here 23 July 1687 Returning To Irondequoit After Razing Seneca Towns ...Time Period 1650-1699 ...Search ...Map

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