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Petersburg NY Attractions

Historic Marker: BRIMMER FARM
On Co. Rd. About 1/2 Mile South Of Petersburg Junction Petersburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Brimmer Farm Settled 1754 Indian Massacre Occurred Here June 2, 1755 George Brimmer Buried Here ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: FARM OF
On NYS 22 About 1 1/2 Miles South Of Petersburg Petersburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Farm Of John Brimmer Who Was Captured By Indians, 1754 Buried Here In 1830 ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: HEZEKIAH
On NYS 22 About 1 Mile South Of Petersburg Petersburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Hezekiah Coon Inn First Town Meeting Held Here April 5, 1791. H. Coon, Moderator; J. Odell, Supervisor; J. Greene, Clerk ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

On Tn. Rd. About 1 1/2 Miles East Of Petersburg Petersburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Lydia Odell Baxter Poet Born Here September 2, 1809 - Died New York City, January 23, 1874 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: REYNOLDS FARM
On NYS 22 About 3 Miles South Of North Petersburg Petersburg NY
(Historic Marker)
Reynolds Farm Settled 1780 William W. Reynolds Born In Rhode Island Died Here 1829. Served In American Revolution ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

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