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Root NY Attractions

Historic Marker: CURRYTOWN
On NYS 162 At Currytown Root NY
(Historic Marker)
Currytown Reformed Church Organized 1790. Previous Services Held In Barn Of Jacob Dievendorf. First Pastor Rev. J.R.H. Hasbrouck ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: HOME OF
On County Rd. At Randall Root NY
(Historic Marker)
Home Of Volkert Vrooman Where According To Tradition Washington Stayed Overnight On His Visit Through The Valley ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: RAIDER'S CAMP
On NYS 5s About 5 1/2 Miles W. Of Fultonville Root NY
(Historic Marker)
Raider's Camp October 18, 1780 Camp Of Sir John Johnson's Indian-Tory Raiders ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

On NYS 162 About 1 1/2 Miles N.W. Of Rural Grove Root NY
(Historic Marker)
This Vicinity Raided By Tories And Indians On July 9, 1781 Fort Lewis Formed A Refuge ...Time Period 1750-1799 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: TI-ON-NON-TO-GEN
Root NY
(Historic Marker)
Ti-On-Non-To-Gen Great Castle Of Mohawks On Heights Above Destroyed By French-Indian Army 1666 ...Time Period 1650-1699 ...Search ...Map

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