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SenecaFalls NY Attractions

Franklin Hotel
Corner Bridge& Bayard SenecaFalls NY 13148
Anchor of only business block extant from 1848 1848 Hotel ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 42.90827,-76.8027737

Lovina Latham House Hannah/Lovina Latham
37 W. Bayard St. SenecaFalls NY 13148
Home of signers Lovina and Hannah Latham. 1848 House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 42.90822,-76.8009066

First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls
23 Cayuga St. SenecaFalls NY 13148
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Site of Nat. Woman's Party meeting, 1923, where Alice Paul announced Equal Rights Amendment �1923 Church ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 42.9120459,-76.7990797

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