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Skaneateles NY Attractions

John D. Barrow Historical Art Gallery of Skaneateles
48 East Genesee Street Skaneateles NY 13152
(Arts, Galleries and Arts Organizations) ...Site ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: SITE OF THE OLD
Skaneateles NY
(Historic Marker)
Site Of The Old Sherwood Inn Built About 1800 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Skaneateles Historical Society - The Creamery
28 Hannum Street Skaneateles NY 13152
(Historic Tours, Sites and Markers) ...Site ...Search ...Map

Spafford Dist #3 Side Hill School Building
Church Road Skaneateles NY 13152
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Community House John, George and Margaret Collins/Pryors
680 Sheldon Road Skaneateles NY 13152
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Fourierist Community established here in 1843 with support of Samuel J. May, Thomas M'Clintock, and others. John Collins, George and Margaret Pryor, and other abolitionists and woman's rights advocates lived here. �1843-46 Public House ...Site ...Search ...Map
GPS: 42.9828791,-76.4550739

Skaneateles Friends' Meetinghouse, site of
West Lake Rd. Skaneateles NY
(Suffrage / WRANYS)
Site of Prep. Mtg. for Scipio M.M. (If Hicksite, George and Margaret Pryor may have been members of this meeting. If Orthodox, James Canning Fuller and Lydia Fuller were most likely members.) �1830 Meetinghouse ...Search ...Map
GPS: 42.8883365,-76.4142301

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