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Victory NY Attractions

Historic Marker: NORTH VICTORY
At Intersection Rtes. 104 & 38 Victory NY
(Historic Marker)
North Victory First Settlement By Conrad Phrozine In 1812. Here Is The Site Of The Mill He Built ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: TOWN OF VICTORY
In Victory Victory NY
(Historic Marker)
Town Of Victory Set Off From Cato 1821. First Settlements 1800 By John Mcneal And John Martin. Village Settled By James Gregory In 1806 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

Historic Marker: WESTBURY
1 1/2 Miles N.W. Of Victory Victory NY
(Historic Marker)
Westbury First Settled In 1806 By William And Jacob Burghduff. M.E. Church Organized 1816, Built 1838 ...Time Period 1800-1849 ...Search ...Map

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